Daai-Syut YEUNG

Daai-Syut YEUNG  

PhD Student at the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle

“A historical and typological study of Ridwags, a Tibetic language in western China”, co-dir. N Tournadre  (USN -UAM) & Guillaume Jacques (CRLAO)

Research topic

I currently work on synchronic and diachronic descriptions of a distinct Tibetic languages spoken in southwestern in China. I have recorded and described the Malimasa dialect of Naxi (2016), the mdzod.dge(མཛོད་དགེ།) dialect of Amdo Tibetan which is spoken in northern Sichuan Province (2017), and the Ya.ri.rgyud (ཡ་རུ་རྒྱུད།) dialect of Amdo Tibetan which is spoken in Gansu Province (2019). At present, I am focusing on a endangered distinct Tibetic language called Ridwags which is used in southern Gansu Province. My PhD project is to discribe and document Ridwags Tibetan from the perspective of phonology and typology. At the same time, from the perspective of historical linguistics, the kinship system of the Tibetic languages will be further analyzed.



• Since 2017 Organizer and Lecturer of Sino-Tibetan Linguistic Program, Teaching Advanced Topics in Tibeto-Burman Languages
• 2018 TA of Professor WEE, Lian-Hee, Phonology II and TA of Professor Zhang, Min, Sematic Maps at THE 7th Linguistics Institute of China
• 2016 Research Assistant of Doctor Li, Zihe. “Zhongguo Yuyan Ziyuan Baohu Gongcheng [China Language Resources Protection Program], “Zhongguo Yuyan Ziyuan Baohu Yanjiu Zhongxin [China Language Resources Protection Research Centre]



Tibetic languages – typology – phonetics and phonology – historical linguistics – morphosyntax – language documentation – language contact – Ridwags


— Yeung. 2018a. “Zangyu Ruoergai Hua Yuyin Yanjiu 藏語若爾蓋話語音研究” [A Phonetics and Phonology Study of Mdzod.dge Tibetan]. Shoudushifandaxue Shiyanshi kaifang Jijin Youxiu Lunwenji [Collected Papers of Capital Normal University Laboratory Open Fund Project] 04.2018:01-17
— Yeung. 2018b. “Zangyu Ruoergai Hua Yinxi Shuoming 藏語若爾蓋話音系說明” [A Phonological Profile of Mdzod.dge Tibetan]. Zhongguo Minzu Bolan [Panorama of Chinese Nationalities] 06.2018:94-95
— Yeung. 2018c. “Zangyu Ruoergai Hua Lishi Yinbian Gaikuang 藏語若爾蓋話歷時音變概況” [A Diachronic Sound Change of Mdzod.dge Tibetan]. Zhongguo Minzu Bolan [Panorama of Chinese Nationalities] 08.2018:145-146
— Yeung. 2017. “Naxiyu Malimasa Fangyan Yinxi Yanjiu 納西語瑪麗瑪薩方言音系研究” [A Phonological Profile of the Na Dialect Malimasa]. Kafeng Shifan Xueyuan Xuebao [Journal of Kaifeng Institute of Education] 07.2017:55-56



• 2019 Master in Linguistics, CNU, PRC.
• 07/2019 Student, LSA(Linguistics Society of America) Linguistics Institute, UC Davis, California, U.S.A.
• 08/2018 Student, The 3rd Sino-Tibetan Language Summer Institute, SHNU, Shanghai, China
• 07/2018 TA & Student, The 7th Linguistics Institute of China, Beijing, China
• 08/2017 Student, The 2nd Sino-Tibetan Language Summer Institute, NKU, Tianjin, China
• 2016 Student, The 5th Linguistics Institute of China, Beijing, China
• 2015: Bachelor in Film making, CNU, PRC.
• 2012: Student, Direction in Linguistics, CNU Top Talent Training Program, Beijing, China


Other web pages




Conference Presentations:
— 2019 Tone Sandhi and Tonogenesis of Ridwags. Workshop on Tibeto-Burman Languages Topic 1 Tonal Evolution, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University. Oct 27, 2019
— 2019: A Preliminary Report of Nominal Morphology of Ridwags. The 5th Workshop on Sino-Tibetan Languages of Southwest China (STLS). Nankai University. Aug 20-24, 2019
— 2019: Phonological Profiles of Ridwags Tibetan. The 1st Heterotopic Junction Graduate Conference in Language, Literature and Culture (HJC). Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). Apr 13, 2019
— 2018: A Phonological Profile and Diachronic Sound Change of Ridwags Tibetan. The First Conference of the Historical Linguistic Association of Linguistic Society of China (LSC). Beijing, China. Oct 20-21, 2018
— 2017: A Phonological Profile and Diachronic Sound Change of Mdzod.dge Tibetan. Capital Normal University, Department of Chinese Language and Literature. 11th Graduate Academic Forum. Beijing, China. Jun, 2017

Invited Lecture

— 2018: On Classical Tibetan grammar and research in modern Tibetan dialects: Taking Gannan Ridwags Tibetan as an example. Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of English language and Literature, Phonology Laboratory. Hong Kong. Aug 14, 2018

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