Yann Le Moullec


PhD student with a grant at INALCO

Gender in Angaataha: documentation and description of Angan language of Papua New Guinea
co-sup. Isabelle Bril (LACITO-INALCO) and Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (James Cook University)

Research topics

  • I work on the documentation and description of languages with an oral tradition. My area of
    expertise is New Guinea and the Papuan languages. I am especially interested in Angaataha,
    a language of the Anga family for which neither a grammar nor a dictionary has yet been
  • My thematic speciality is nominal categorisation through gender systems. Gender is a
    predominant category in Angaataha grammar. I study gender both in its grammatical functioning
    and also in its social and cognitive implications.


Research programs


Labex Empirical Foundations of Linguistics:


genre – catégorisation nominale – documentation – description – linguistique de terrain – linguistique historique – langues anga – langues papoues angaataha – hamtai – menya – susuami – tok pisin


  • 2017: MA in Indo-European Linguistics and Typology (summa cum laude), École Pratique des Hautes Études, Paris (sup. Georges-Jean Pinault)


  • Oct-Dec 2018: « Methodology in human sciences », INALCO (60 hours)


  • « The semantics of gender assignment in Angaataha », Current Trends in Papuan Linguistics II, Paris, 15 February 2023


  • 2019: Representative for the PhD students at LACITO

Conference organisation

  • Descriptive Grammars and Typology II, Paris, 1-3 December 2021 (organising commitee with
    Neige Rochant, Sebastian Fedden, Guillaume Segerer and Jeanne Rochant)
  • Current Trends in Papuan Linguistics II, Paris, 15-17 February 2023 (organising commitee with
    Sonja Riesberg, Sylvain Loiseau and Moisés Velasquez)

Mobility abroad

  • Exchange at Universiteit Leiden, Leiden (Netherlands), Sept 2016 – Dec 2016
  • Exchange at James Cook University, Cairns (Australia), Feb 2020 – May 2020
  • Fieldworks with the Angaatiya (Papua New Guinea)
    – Dec 2019 – Feb 2020
    – Jan 2022 – July 2022
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