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Alexandre FRANÇOIS Senior Researcher (Directeur de recherche) (former member at Lacito)
=> Lattice membre since 4 September 2018
Research topics

• Description and comparison of languages of the Pacific (Melanesia, Polynesia)
• Grammatical typology; Phonology; Categorisation of events, referents, spatial relations
• Lexical and semantic typology; Polysemy and semantic change
• Areal linguistics; Dialectology; Processes of language diversification and convergence • Historical and comparative linguistics ​​
• Anthropological linguistics; ethnomusicology; Verbal art, Oral literature, Sung poetry

Research seminars

Seminars at LACITO :
Oceanic studies (until sept. 2018)
Problems of language analysis and comparison (co-convenor 2012-2017)
• Fieldwork (convenor 2015-2017)
Terrains, analyse et comparaison des langues (co-convenor 2017-Sept. 2018)
Structures du lexique : Typologie et dynamiques (co-convenor 2017-Sept. 2018)
Keywords Vanuatu - Oceanic languages - language description - morphosyntax - semantics - lexicology - verbal art - storytelling

Araki - Bislama - Dorig - Hiw - Koro - Lakon - Lehali - Lemerig - Lo-Toga - Lovono - Löyöp - Mota - Mwerlap - Mwesen - Mwotlap - Nume - Olrat - Tanema - Teanu - Tikopia- Vera'a - Volow - Vurës

Conference presentations (selected) — 2017, "Words from our Ancestors: The art of sung poetry in northern Vanuatu". Keynote address, 10th Conference On Oceanic Linguistics (Cool10). Honiara, Solomon Islands.
— 2016, "Building (on) a few dictionaries from Asia & the Pacific". Workshop Challenges of electronic dictionary publication, Univ. Leipzig (conv. Iren Hartmann, M. Haspelmath), 8-9 April 2016. [invited speaker]
—2016, The coding of (in)definiteness in northern Vanuatu: Anaphora, specificity, topicality, 8th Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics conference (APLL8), School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, 13-14 May 2016.
Recent publications

François, Alexandre, to appear, Voices from the Volcano: Stories from Gaua Island, Vanuatu. World Oral Literature Series. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers.

Charpentier, Jean-Michel & Alexandre François. 2015, Atlas linguistique de la Polynésie française / Linguistic Atlas of French Polynesia, Berlin–Papeete, De Gruyter–UPF,, 2562 pp., 2553 maps (presented here

François, Alexandre; Sébastien Lacrampe, Michael Franjieh & Stefan Schnell (eds) 2015. The Languages of Vanuatu: Unity and Diversity. Studies in the Languages of Island Melanesia, 5. Canberra: Asia–Pacific Linguistics Open Access. 271 pp. (ISBN: 978-1922185235). Presented here.

Peer-reviewed articles and chapters
— François, Alexandre. f/c, (avec Siva Kalyan) Freeing the Comparative Method from the tree model: A framework for Historical Glottometry. In Ritsuko Kikusawa & Lawrence Reid (eds), Let's talk about trees: Tackling Problems in Representing Phylogenic Relationships among Languages (Senri Ethnological Studies). Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.
— 2017, Méthode comparative et chaînages linguistiques : Pour un modèle diffusionniste en généalogie des langues. In Jean-Léo Léonard (ed.), Diffusion : implantation, affinités, convergence. Mémoires de la Société de Linguistique de Paris, XXIV, 43–82. Louvain : Peeters.
— 2017, The economy of word classes in Hiw, Vanuatu: Grammatically flexible, lexically rigid. In Eva van Lier (ed.), Lexical Flexibility in Oceanic Languages. Special issue of Studies in Language. 41 (2): 294-357. 
— 2016, The historical morphology of personal pronouns in northern Vanuatu. In Konstantin Pozdniakov (ed.), Comparatisme et reconstruction : tendances actuelles. Faits de Langues. Bern: Peter Lang. 25–60.
— 2015, [A. François; M. Franjieh; S. Lacrampe & S. Schnell], The exceptional linguistic density of Vanuatu. In The Languages of Vanuatu: Unity and Diversity, ed. by A. François, S. Lacrampe, M. Franjieh & S. Schnell. Studies in the Languages of Island Melanesia, 5. Canberra: Asia Pacific Linguistics Open Access. Pp. 1–21.
— 2015, The ins and outs of up and down: Disentangling the nine geocentric space systems of Torres and Banks languages. In The Languages of Vanuatu: Unity and Diversity, ed. by A. François, S. Lacrampe, M. Franjieh & S. Schnell. Studies in the Languages of Island Melanesia, 5. Canberra: Asia Pacific Linguistics Open Access. Pp. 137-195.
— 2015, Temperature terms in northern Vanuatu. In Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm (ed.). The Linguistics of Temperature. Amsterdam, New York: John Benjamins. Pp.832-857
— 2014, [Harold Koch, Robert Mailhammer, Robert Blust, Claire Bowern, Don Daniels, Alexandre François, Simon Greenhill, Brian Joseph, Lawrence Reid, Malcolm Ross & Paul Sidwell], Research priorities in historical-comparative linguistics: A view from Asia, Australia and the PacificDiachronica, 31: 2, 267–278. 
— 2014, Trees, Waves and Linkages: Models of Language Diversification. In Claire Bowern & Bethwyn Evans (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics. New York: Routledge, 161-189.
— 2013 (with Maïa Ponsonnet), Descriptive linguistics. In Jon R. McGee and Richard L. Warms (ed.), Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology: An Encyclopedia, vol.1, 184-187. SAGE.
— 2013, Shadows of bygone lives: The histories of spiritual words in northern Vanuatu. In Robert Mailhammer (ed.). Lexical and structural etymology: Beyond word histories. Studies in Language Change, 11. Berlin: DeGruyter Mouton. p.185-244.
— 2012, Ditransitive alignment and referential hierarchies in Araki. In Eva van Lier (ed), Referential Hierarchies in Three-participant Constructions. Special issue of Linguistic Discovery, 10: 3.

Discography :
— 2013 (avec Monika Stern). Musiques du Vanuatu: Fêtes et Mystères – Music of Vanuatu: Celebrations and Mysteries. Enregistrements musicaux (Label INÉDIT). Paris: Maison des Cultures du Monde. 1 CD W 260147 SC848. CD: 73'39", with liner notes (24 + 128 pp.). (presented here)

a Publications / Talks (see also HAL ; Academia.edu; Orcidpersonal page)


— 2013, Combien de langues sont parlées dans le monde [A. François & N. Quint], film (online), 9:02 mn, prod. by Céline Ferlita (UPS2259, series "Langues vivantes, langues vitales").
— 2013, Alexandre François, 1997, Premier voyage au Vanuatu, film (online), 8:05 mn, prod. by Franck Guillemain (UPS2259, series "Documentaires")..

Fieldwork photos

Personal homepage http://alex.francois.online.fr

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