Scientific activities


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  • Research at the Lacito, at the TUL, at the EFL
    • AXE 1 – Language description and documentation
      • Dravidian Languages and Indian Oral Traditions (in French)
      • Afro-Asiatic Languages (in French)
      • Balkan Studies
      • Languages of the Tibeto-Burman Zone
      • Oceanic Studies

    • AXE 2 – Typological and historical linguistics
      • Panchronic Phonology (until the End of 2011)
      • Indefinites (2014-2016)
      • Problèmes d’analyse et de comparaison des langues (2012-2017) (in French)
      • Terrains, analyse et comparaison des langues (TACOL) (since October 2017, composed of workshops, fusion of “Terrains”& “PACOL” seminars) (in French)
      • Lexical structure: Typology and dynamics (since November 2017, composed of workshops)
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