AXIS 3: Linguistic anthropology

Both the work of our linguists, which concerns the anthropological perspective, and the work of anthropologists, which often concerns the practice of the language, are gathered in this axis.

          • Interlocution and Public Places (2006-2013)
          • Linguistic Change and Social Ecology (2008-2011)
          • Adoption, kinship, parenting: comparative perspectives between tradition and globalization (since December 2010, composed of workshops) (in French)
          • Naming, Terming and Kin Names (terms of address, of reference and teknonyms) (2004-2011)
          • Fieldworks (2015-2017) (in French)
          • Métaphore(s) : L’énonciation métaphorique en situation (2013-2018) (some parts in French)
          • Indexicalités langagières et sociales (since October 2017, composed of workshops) (some parts in French)
          • Jeux de Langage (since October 2018, composed of workshops) (in French)
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