Plaine de Yongning ; en arrière-plan, le mont Gemu (municipalité de Lijiang, comté de Yongning, préfecture de Ninglang, Yunnan, Chine). Cliché © Alexis Michaud (CNRS-LACITO, automne 2006)

AxIS 1 – Language description and documentation

Describing languages, in all their forms, is the very foundation of linguistic activity. Only thorough descriptions, carried out over years of research with speakers, allow linguistic research to be extended to the comparison of languages, whether this is done from a historical or typological perspective.
For several years now, the members of Lacito have been studying mainly undocumented languages, or languages that have been very poorly described, often threatened with extinction due to a small number of speakers or to situations of unbalanced multilingualism that weaken them to the benefit of languages of great communication

LACITO members work on other linguistic areas which can be found here or on Researchers Personal webpage.

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